How to solve YOUR business finance problems once and for all

Lack of profits and lack of cash destroys more businesses and damages the lives of more and more good people every single day.

Statistics show something like 80% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years, that’s huge and sad when you stop and think about it and often a business fails simply because it doesn't make enough money.

Sure, for some the idea might not be a good business idea, but if the owner was to focus on the money bit, they would soon change and adapt the idea.

Now there is no guarantee that your business will succeed, but I’ve been helping business owners just like you, from startups to those turning over millions and many clients I work with I’ve been doing so for 10, 20 and even some over 25 years, so I know what it takes to break through the glass ceiling on the money problem and having good books and records is just one important part of the equation.

I spent years researching cloud based platforms and I chose Kashflow as my favourite even before Iris purchased the company and since then Kashflow has gone from strength to strength.

Basically it works...

And this website is dedicated to selling my Kashflow course but…

Let me share a secret with you

The courses I offer here on this web-site can also be found inside The Business Mashup Private Membership site.

I want some help, Kev!

I use the private membership area to communicate and help all our clients, but now I’ve also opened this site up for non-clients.

In other words if you are a business owner and you don’t even have to use Kashflow I can let you have a 30 day FREE trial of what we do constantly day in day out to help our clients and as I say many of our clients have been with me for many, many years and it’s not just because of my good looks…!

Here's what I have for you

To help you win in the money part of your business there are at least 3 problems most businesses when challenged aren’t dealing with properly and we’ve found if you can improve just these 3 simple principles, you will stand a much better chance of building a much more successful business.

  • One principle is your systems, you’re already here looking at help around Kashflow accounting and your accounting system which is now enforced by Government Making Tax Digital and this is just one part of any business system.

    Technology has changed so much in the last few years you may not even realise how much can be automated and how many really good ideas there are out there that you can plug in to your business which will help you become highly organised and reduce stress and overwhelm, a very common problem with most business owners and staff alike - In the member’s area (which you can trial for 30 Days FREE) I show you how to fix all your systems and get rid of stress and overwhelm once and for all.
  • Another principle is around pricing, it’s not rocket surgery, charging a premium price for your goods and/or services is the fastest way to solving the cash and profit problem, but many are “chicken scared” to put their prices up for fear of losing customers.

    I can promise you that most people of sound mind do not buy on price, despite what they might say to you. They lie!

    Let’s test that now, do you buy the cheapest of everything? As an example do you just buy the cheapest out of date, must clear today, supermarket slop?

    I doubt it!

    ...and when it comes to hobbies and interests people will always spend and justify why they need the best.

    From TV’s and computer games to sports and a whole heap of hobbies and activities that we all spend our hard earned money on and if price was the real issue we’d all be driving the same cheapest car, wearing the same cheapest clothes and so on…

    ... so price is an area that needs work and I show you how in the Private Members area, which you can test drive FREE for 30 days
  • Third principle is around Positioning, and more to the point premier positioning. It’s perhaps the toughest problem to crack for most, because it requires change of thinking. Many business owners look around at what others are doing and pick a price point or a model somewhere about average.

    The reason they do this is often they don’t believe in themselves or in their idea.

    Look, if you believe what you do or what you sell is of great value, if you know you offer a fantastic high quality service and you are the best even if you are in highly competitive business, you will want to be the best, then why are you not the most expensive, why are you struggling to make the business really work.

    It might be working, but I bet you are leaving a whole pile of FREE money on the table, what I call hidden profits that every business has and a change of thinking will make all the difference, it’s just that no one has ever shown you this, until now, this is just some of what we do in the Private Membership site which you can access for 30 days FREE)

This is what it'll do for you

Do you remember back when you started out in business, all excited about the prospects of being your own boss and working part-time?  How many just wish they could work half a day, as in just a 12 hour day!!! 

Most small business owners are so stressed, so overworked and a slave to their phones and computers they don’t stop to look up and see that it doesn't have to be like this.

What I share in the private membership site, includes all the Kashflow help and support you will ever need, you get all the courses plus one on one help with me as well as all the other great help and topics, all built around and constantly being updated to fix the 3 principles I talk about above:

  • Systems
  • Pricing
  • Positioning

In my experience, you achieve far more than simply getting your bookkeeping sorted, which I guess is why you are here.

It’s important to get your bookkeeping and accounting working properly, but unless and until you reach a point where you are focused on the interpretation level, getting to a point where you regularly ask:

what does all this data mean to you and your business?”... 

...then you are just left floundering around like 80% of small businesses out there, and we know what happens to most of them, they fail!

Failure shouldn’t be an option, it's why I’ve put together a place on the internet where people like you can come and learn, discuss, ask questions and implement strategies and tactics to ultimately master the 3 main principles.

Attracting the right customers at the right price, delivering a high quality service backed with good well organised systems and adding in a better way of thinking about money, increasing profits and decreasing stress will inevitably help you run a more profitable, easier to run business.

Bad News and Good News...

The bad news is it's NOT going to change all by itself.

Meaning... if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you've always gotten.

It's madness to think that somehow doing the same thing will give you different and better results.

Obvious, and true - Ouch!

The good news is since your results depend on your behaviour, and you can change your behaviour any time you choose, and thus change your results.

No, you can't change your situation and circumstances overnight, but you can change your direction in a heartbeat.

Bottom line... if you’re happy with the customers and clients you get and the profits you make, then do nothing…

... and nothing will change.

Your life, your business, and so it's your choice what you do with them both.

But if you’re not so happy... and you want things to change…

... and that fact you are here looking for help on how to use Kashflow is a big clue you might be looking to make some changes...

... then you must understand change has to begin with you.

And if you do want to change, there are two ways you can do it.

You can either…

… try to work it all out for yourself (but it’ll take you a long time and entail stumbling into a ton of pitfalls, dead-ends, and blind alleys);

… or you can accept my help and I’ll share with you the simple way to do it.

Note: I said simple and not easy. It takes a lot of work and a considerable amount of change towards your thinking on your part, and, frankly, not everyone’s cut out for it.

But, hey… it won’t do itself and whatever you’re doing right now how’s that working for you?

If you want to get going and take a FREE 30-day no risk trial...

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Simple, no risk easy to follow

I want some help, Kev!

What If I’m not the business owner, what if I’m the accountant or bookkeeper?

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