About Kevin

My name is Kevin Whitehouse and I am the UK's leading Kashflow expert and author of my book "Money Talks - So Why Aren't You Listening"

What the hell makes me think I can claim


Simple really, firstly I have put in the hours.

They say to be an expert you need to put in 10,000 hours into something, well I've done that with Kashflow and that's in addition to over 20 years of working with accountants and programmers developing our own accounting software.

I really do know exactly what the accounting software needs to do and why a business owner needs to use it properly​.

Secondly, I specialise in helping business owners find the hidden profits in their business.

I've looked closely at how Kashflow can actually help business owners find more profit in their business and have an easier life...

...and I have the solution that so far fits every business I have seen use it.

For over 20 years we created and developed our own software and I ran the support desk, I really got to know the good, the bad and the ugly bits of the accounting software industry, first hand.

My long career in all things accounting has enabled me to also work with most of the leading systems on the market and I have seen business owners struggle for years to make them work...  

Sometimes, the accounting software is to blame as it falls short in design and usability of what is a good accounting system, but in my experience a lack of education and support is the biggest downfall of this industry.

Business owners ​should be focused on making their business a success, and the person responsible for looking after the books needs to be educated to use the right system for that business and use it to its full capacity.

Sadly, many professional Accountants and Bookkeepers have continually failed to help business owners get the right education, often they are missing the main point because they are too busy destroying their own business to solve this problem for you!  They simply can't and won't help small businesses take ownership of their own accounting data.

Kevin Whitehouse - Kashflow Expert

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