How Kashflow Accounting Software 

helps you find hidden profits in your

business and you have an easier

stress-free life...

My name is Kevin Whitehouse and I am the UK's leading Kashflow expert and author of my book "Money Talks - So Why Aren't You Listening"

So, what the hell makes me think I can claim


Simple really, I’ve put in the hours.

They say to be an expert you need to put in 10,000 hours, well I've done that with Kashflow and that's in addition to over 30 years running my own accounting practice which I still do today.

How can I help you?

Your accounting software needs to help you run your business, help you find hidden profits that are often right under your nose, but so often business owners struggle to get the most from it and very often the accounting profession can be pretty useless at helping you,


I have some good news for you

Having the perfect working Kashflow system is easy when you follow my 5 Step process:

Step# 1 - You gotta find the fastest and easiest way to get the data into the system. And this starts with changing the culture in your business and converting everything to a digital format which leads to automating a huge part of the data input, and I show you how to do this so you save hours of time each and every week

Step# 2 - The data has to be verified, you know the phrase “Garbage in - Garbage out!” I show you how to create a series of simple quick routines for testing and checking the data is valid, this gives you huge confidence

Step# 3 - Many businesses have transactions that are complex and difficult to explain, such as Stock and Work In Progress, or money owed that hasn’t been invoiced or deprecation and dividends that sort of thing. I show you how to handle these and a simple way to adjust your books so you have maximum effect on finding more profit

Step# 4 - Often you need a few headline numbers to help you quickly assess progress in your business, management speak calls these Key Performance Indicators. A KPI is valuable, but so is the underlying report of the data behind those key figures, which you can analyse and test further. If you have the underlying data accurately recorded and you are confident in the process, then the reports you generate from Kashflow should become extremely valuable to you

Step# 5 - My goal is to get you to this step, it’s where the magic happens and I call it the “Interpretation” stage 

  • What does your data mean to you and your business?
  • How does it help when it comes to your pricing?
  • How does the data drive better behaviour and culture within your business?
  • How do your systems hold up around your finances, quotations, CRM, marketing etc?

By taking time out to interpret what your data tells you, and getting someone to help you and hold you accountable will help you increase profitability and efficiency and reduce stress and overwhelm, resulting in a business that’s more fun to run, healthier and even more profitable.

I've spent years helping business owners just like you

use Kashflow to help find more profits and help people

like you have an easier life... 

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