How Kashflow Accounting Software 

helps you find hidden profits in your


My name is Kevin Whitehouse and I am the UK's leading Kashflow expert and author of my book "Money Talks - So Why Aren't You Listening"

So, what the hell makes me think I can claim


Simple really, I’ve put in the hours, grafted my nuts off and done, and still do the education.

They say to be an expert you need to put in 10,000 hours, well I've done that and a great deal more not just within Kashflow software but many other platforms including many years ago being involved in writing our own software.

In doing so helping business owners, often 1:1 or groups or through the countless video tutorials I’ve created whilst running my own accounting practice which I still do today.

How can I help you?

Running a business is tough, if it was easy everyone would do it, right?

The key to any successful business is to make money, that is the first purpose of any business because without a profit, there will be no business, it’s just a simple fact.

And statistically the chances of you actually building a profitable sustainable business are small, the odds are stacked against you.

If you are reading this, chances are you have or are thinking of implementing Kashflow and I believe it’s a pretty good system, maybe even the best. Sure the competition is high and there are a few big hitters out there supplying software to many more users, but, it doesn’t necessarily make them the best.

Kashflow was built specifically for the UK market so it speaks your language and for the most part it works straight out of the box, but bookkeeping and accounting is a complex subject and every single business has some twist or turn that makes how or what they do slightly different from the standard.

This is where Kashflow comes into its own. Once you know where to look somewhere in the settings tucked away, will be a way for Kashflow to be adapted to suit you and your business. I’ve yet to find a scenario that it won’t work in.

The GOOD News for you is

I’ve spent my entire career doing this one thing - helping business owners grow their business, make more money and have an easier life and along the way I’ve gotten better and better at doing this.

Running a business with good profits and no stress, worry or overwhelm is what I  do best…

In fact I even wrote a book or two on it.

The BAD News

This ain't going to fix itself…

The more bad habits and the longer you’ve been messing things up and the more stress, worry and overwhelm you have, the more time it will take to fix it…

…but the time will pass regardless.

So, you can keep on doing it your way or you can and using my favourite quote:

“To change some things in your life, you need to change some things in your life”

Here's some options for you

Below are a number of resources I’ve created that have already helped many before you and are still being used and implemented today by those who choose to be in our world.

  • It comes with an incredible free gift
  • The two most important numbers master class with Kev
  • The most important lesson that changed our life a film with Vicki
  • Plus "The Fastest Way to Increase profits" - 4 part course you can immediately implement and see instant profits available via the APP


  • Find the hidden messages in your numbers
  • A packed book on everything to do with the money in your business, genuine help, real stories to compare to and a full explanation of how you can improve your systems and processes to help you run a better business.
  • Written specifically for the business owner or anyone involved in the finances of the business.


5 Steps to Kashflow Mastery - Premium
  • The complete full online system of 23 videos, available 24/7
  • Includes training and help setting up planning and forecasting software that compliments Kashflow
  • I explain and show you how it all connects up, from set up to reporting and take away the mystery of the accounting industry.


The Ultimate Kashflow Set Up System - Premium
  • A series of scheduled Skype/telephone or Google Meet calls with me personally
  • You can also email me with any question; I want this to work for you. To be used in conjunction with all the information in the system
  • This is where we can very quickly target everything you need specifically for your business.


  • A place to communicate and ask questions, learn from the extensive ever expanding library of content
  • Constant daily input and answers to your questions from us
  • Extensive Topic Hub, Forums and Newsfeed access.

Monthly plus



  • 1:1 in person help where you and me can talk extensively about what's holding you back and help you create action plans and hold you accountable when you ask...
  • Everything that's included in the Mashup Method Membership
  • Access to our calendar for 1:1 calls

Monthly plus 



See you on the inside...
Kevin Whitehouse - Kashflow Expert

Prime Entry Ltd